Why Choose Odoo ?

We have taken the time to analyze the open source market to identify ERP systems that would be capable of meeting the needs of small and medium sized companies. We have evaluated numerous open source solutions based on the some criteria

We have selected Odoo the new OpenERP because it excelled at these criteria while addressing the particular needs of retailers, wholesalers, service companies, and manufacturers.


Odoo is a real modular solution, giving you the ability to only deploy the features you need and only when you need them.


With thousands of modules made available by Odoo developers as well as the community, the solution is very comprehensive and likely to meet your needs.

Functional Scope

We will analyze your data to get you the most useful spatial insights.

Evolution Potential

With more than 1,000 developers (Odoo and community included) and more than 1,000 modules, the solution is evolving very rapidly.


A large and active community with over 5,000 members contributing to the forum (30,000 topics, 100,000 posts) and to the development of the application.

Our Solutions

What exactly the company will provide ?.

Odoo ERP Modules:


CRM module helps to boost the sales performance through better customer service & building a healthy relationship with customers. All the stored details of customer are available in CRM module


Finance and accounting module managed the inflow & outflow of money. and keeps track of all account related transactions like expenditures, Balance sheet, account ledgers, budgeting, bank statements, payment receipts, tax management. Financial reporting is an easy task for this module of ERP. Any Financial data that is required for running the business is available with one click in Finance module.

Human Resources

Human Resource module helps the HR manage employee information, track employee records like performance reviews, designations, job descriptions, skill matrix, time & attendance tracking.


Typical sales process includes processes like Sales queries analysis & handling, quotation drafting, accepting sales orders, drafting sales invoices with proper taxation, tracking pending sales order.


e-commerce platforms can access information faster and easier. Businesses can then process better analytics and reporting which help identify customer trends and where companies need to dedicate more attention. it also may shed light onto low customer retention rates if integrated with customer relationship management software.


purchase modules take care of all the processes that are part of procurement of items or raw materials that are required for the organization.  Purchase module consists of functionalities like supplier listing, supplier & item linking, sending quotation request to vendors, receiving & recording quotations, analysis of quotations, preparing purchase orders.


this module is a great help for manufacturing industry for delivering products. This module consists of functionalities like production planning, machine scheduling, raw material usage, (Bill of material) preparation, track daily production progress production forecasting & actual production reporting


It automates and optimizes the stock management and replenishment processes of a company, based on the historical order data, giving it the opportunity to optimally prepare the stock for future sales, reducing at the same time the risk of overstock and the number of call-backs of orders.

 Point of Sale

customizable module to help gets exactly what you need for your business. you will find more back-office automation and front-end process integration your business can react quicker in the marketplace and make better business decisions. Your business runs real-time; so, having a solution that runs real-time is a must.


a solution designed only for your call center F&B delivery orders including quick service, online order tracking, complaints follow-up and provides you with the best hotline ordering service with the ability to customize your delivery fees based on delivery zones or order amount.

 Project Management

Projects Management ERP software module gives specialized planning and tracking tools designed to meet the needs of engineer and manufacturers. Increased on-time project completion, Improved profitability and customer satisfaction-based estimates and quotes

Fleet Management

Distribution companies which have their own car fleet need a flexible and efficient tool (FMS Fleet Management System) for their administration. The car fleet module is indispensable to a fleet manager, to increase profitability, the availability and efficient use of the company's cars.


OpenEduCat is an Efficient management of students, faculties, courses and classes with a collaborative platform Based on best of class enterprise level architecture, OpenEduCat is ready to be used in environments like local infrastructure or a highly scalable cloud environment.