Workforce Automation

Workforce Automation is a category of software and related services used to help organizations plan, manage, and track employee employees working outside the office premises; Such as Sales Force Automation SFA, Field Services Automation FSA, Warehouse Management System WMS and Assets Tracking System.
Our team chooses a high performers niche solution and implement it either as part of an integrated HR management suite that allow users to develop workforce prospect plans and forecast employees and labor demands, allows the administration to manage employee schedules, paid time off, and leave requests and more, enable reporting on employees activities with analytics capabilities and track attendance and competencies of the employees.
We implement desktop and mobile solutions that help to gain visibility into business metrics providing the following core functions:


Sales Force Automation SFA

We provide high performers solutions to streamline and maximize the efficiency of the sales processes performs including:
  • Contact management
  • Telesales
  • Opportunity management
  • Quote and order processing
  • Inventory monitoring
  • Information sharing
  • Order tracking
  • Customer management
  • Employee performance evaluation and reporting
  • Sales forecasting
  • Real time view

Field Services Automation FSA

We offer platform to improve the productivity of on-site employees, streamline communication between field and office workers in real-time and improve processes performs including:
  • Workflow management
  • Estimating, quote & scheduling
  • Work order
  • Change request management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Invoice Integration
  • Proposals and contracts management
  • Office, field & operations management
  • Employee performance evaluation
  • Reporting
  • Real time view

Warehouse Management System WMS

We offer flexible warehouse management system to streamline operations, maximize workforce productivity, increase profitability, and improve your customer satisfaction. To streamline your operations our solution includes:
  • Inventory management
  • Orders management
  • Multiple Customers in multiple locations management
  • Billing schedules
  • Custom workflows
  • Mobile barcode Scanning
  • Accurate and Swift input all of data.
  • 24/7 inventory visibility
  • Full integrated system

Assets Tracking System

As the location of assets is critical for many businesses that moves assets when needed by individuals or allow the same asset for different projects we offer Go Track as a solution designed for asset management and tracking to observe moving objects on the movement and supplying a timely ordered sequence of respective location data to a model.
Go Track provides reliable company asset information, allowing you to track all assets reducing paper trails and enabling proper cost allocation by entity.

Product General Advantages:

  • Increase management control
  • Boost mobile worker productivity.
  • Provide your workforce with flexibility & efficiency
  • Lower Theft
  • Inventory Time Savings
  • Cut costs by automating existing processes
  • Eliminate all paper, with transactions being directly integrated with your accounting database.